One Year Later….

I have not published anything on this blog in 1 year, so re-reading it was something of a trip down memory lane! I made this blog for the Part 1 of this course, and Part 2 requires a similar task. I have decided to update this blog with some of the technologies I have tried out this year in class, and what I found successful. You can see below for more technologies that I continue to use with my students this year as well.

I briefly mentioned Wordle below, but I will go into some detail about it here. Wordle is an amazing tool that has many possible functions for a classroom. Wordle is a free online program where students can type words into a text box and then have it graphically displayed as a text based art. The trick is, the more you type the word, the bigger it will appear in the graphic art. This is great for posters, summaries, main ideas, themes, or making connections. A great example would be to take a Shakespearean play and make Wordles out of each act. The Wordles could be compared and the major characters (eg Romeo in Act I, Juliet in Act II) and themes would come out visually. A very, very cool website that students absolutely loved.

Read Write Think.Org
This website has a huge amount of teacher and student friendly applications. My students this year created comic book trading cards character biographies for a narrative project we did. This helped them create a strong identity for their main character and helped shape the story as well. That just scratches the surface of what read write think has!
Wonderville is an interactive site that has tons and tons of science content for kids. It has interesting videos, quizzes,  games, you name it! I was upset that I found this so late in the year, but I will certainly use it next year!
This website creates graphs and data tables in an easy to use way. We tabulated the results of a survey on bullying I wrote and having the data results shown graphically really made the information come alive.
This was my class website from this year. I had a student update it as a class job, and you will find multiple resources that I came across listed online. Happy searching!


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